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Yopokki Curry Cup Rabokki 5.1oz (145g)

Yopokki Curry Cup Rabokki 5.1oz (145g)

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Enjoy delicious taste of various Korean soul food just in minutes! Rabokki is a Korean street food that combines ramen noodles with chewy rice cakes, and it is a little bit of spicy, a little bit savory, swirled together in this amazing Korean dish. Put the rice cakes, ramen, and powdered sauce in a container, pour water and microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Remove from microwave, cover and wait 30 seconds. The texture of the rice cake is doubled.

Origin: Korea
Brand: Yopokki
Net weight: 5.1 oz (145g)
Item number: 8809054402721

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