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Hai Di Lao Self-Heating Hot Pot Vegetable Tomato Flavor 14.5oz

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Paldo Shrimp Flavored Snack 2.64oz

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Made with fresh shrimp and non-fried snack. All ages love Paldo rich flavored shrimp snack. Enjoy extra crispy and rich roasted shrimp snack.

Origin: Korea
Brand: Paldo
Net weight: 2.64oz
Item number: 648436200146

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Customer Reviews

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Potato of Taste
The BEST shrimp chips I tried

So~ I was having a huge shrimp chip craving and ordered like 4 different brand bags from Just Asian Food. I had a specific level of shrimpy flavor and saltiness in mind and I wasn't going to settle for anything less 😅. To my surprise, this brand came out on top for me! Even against Calbee, which is the most popular go-to(However, Calbee's Hot Garlic Shrimp chips are still equivalently awesome if not better 😉. Try those, if you haven't yet, too!). These Paldo shrimp chips had that distinct shrimp flavor I was looking for so they didn't taste lightly shrimpy or too shrimpy to the point of tasting rank 😫. They were perfect! 🥰👌 The shrimp and salt was so wonderfully balanced I ate the whole bag in one sitting. Sadly all the other shrimp chips I bought went to waste after I ate these 😂😅 [Oishi, Calbee, Nongshim, and Golden were the brands that didn't pass the test if you were curious]