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Old Fisherman Roasted Eel 3.5oz - 同荣 特制红烧鳗 3.5oz

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Old Fisherman Roasted Eel ( 同荣 特制红烧鳗 ) is a popular canned food in Taiwan. It is usually paired with a bowl of rice.

Origin: Taiwan - 台湾
Brand: Old Fisherman - 同荣
Net weight: 3.50 oz
Item number: 4710172030014

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
William Chang
Good product

I've been eating this product for many years. It's delicious.

Frank Fischer

Good service and good price. I will order again.

April Gear
Pleasantly pleased with it.

I never tried eel before so decided to try this brand of Old Fisherman roasted eel. I mixed it with rice. It was very tasty. I was afraid to try it because it eel looks and sounds rubbery and not tasty but I am glad I tried it. I always see characters eat it on anime so it made me very curious. I am glad I tried it. I highly recommend it.