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Malou's Egg Cracklet 10.58oz

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Malou's Egg Cracklet are so good. So crunchy and buttery. They are never soft or lacking of taste. Egg cracklet are a staple snack in the Philippines.

Origin: Philippines
Brand: Malou's
Net weight: 10.58 oz
Item number: 4800215000408

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Customer Reviews

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Delicious Biscuits

Growing up in the Philippines sixty-some years ago, my mom would buy us these biscuits (we called galletas then). I have not had this since I came to the United States in 1974. Then I was diagnosed with diabetes and, per the doctor's advice, limited my intake of sweet desserts. I discovered Malou's Cracklets at the local Chinese Supermarket. I can eat these for every snack and dessert, and does not elevate my blood glucose count. Ideal for me.

But they are not available at the local supermarket anymore. Much to my delight, I found Just Asian Food on line. Even with the shipping cost, I spend almost the same as when I bought them at the local supermarket. Thank you so much OYO Just Asian Food. It is easy to order and delivery is excellent. Now I just saw the message "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE GOT FREE SHIPPING!" Even better. I order ten packs at once and this is my fourth order since May 2022. Thank you again.