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Koon Chun Bean Sauce 13oz - 冠珍酱园 原晒豉 13oz

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Koon Chun Bean Sauce ( 冠珍酱园 原晒豉 ) is made from fermented soy beans. It has a taste like soy sauce but stronger. You can say a richer flavor. It is used in many popular Chinese dishes.

Origin: Hong Kong - 香港
Brand: Koon Chun - 冠珍酱园
Net weight: 13 oz
Item number: 020717200159

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Wrong description by seller.

Update: Seller issued a refund and promised to correct mistaken info. Seller was prompt in responding, sincerely apologetic about the mistaken discrepancies and did the right thing by issuing a refund. Very satisfied with the seller’s response and will continue to do business with the seller in the future.

Original Review: Seller’s description for the product says sauce contains “fermented black beans”, which is why I ordered 4 bottles. The photo of the ingredients label is only partial, so you cannot see the complete list of ingredients. I assumed that since the seller description states the sauce had fermented black beans, it was so. Unfortunately, upon receipt of my order today, the manufacturer’s label shows there are no black beans in this sauce. Really disappointed. Hope the seller
1. Issues a refund for the 4 bottles and
2. corrects the product description