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Jack n' Jill Wafrets Brix - Chocolate 8.4oz

Jack n' Jill Wafrets Brix - Chocolate 8.4oz

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Treat yourself with mouth-watering chocolate wafers that is so crunchy and chocolatey! Jack n' Jill Wafrets Brix - Chocolate (Tsokolate) gives you satisfaction in every crunchy bite. These rectangular crispy wafers with choco-filling fulfill your sweet tooth cravings without any hassle. Just open the brown rectangular foil pack and munch on! The crunchy wafer will tickle your taste buds and the rich chocolate filling melts in yourmouth to have a delightful break time.

Origin: Philippines
Brand: Jack n' Jill
Net weight: 8.4oz
Item number: 4800016084065 / 4800016084058

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