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Casa Milky Tea - Kyoto Flavor 8.81oz - Casa 京都原味奶茶 8.81oz

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Casa Kyoto Milky Tea (Casa 京都原味奶茶) is rich in taste with a hint of milky flavor. 

Origin: Taiwan - 台湾
Brand: Casa
Net weight: 8.81 oz
Item number: 673367650753

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Customer Reviews

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Kerri LaRoe
My wife loves instant milky teas. This is her favorite.

I bought her a box of each kind that JAF carried. Most ended up 'tasting weird' for one reason or another and got passed off to me to drink. This is the winner by far.
My wife says it transports her to a deck overlooking a misty forest with mountains in the background, birds and small wildlife scattered about, while everything stops until her cup is done.
But... she may have been exaggerating a bit. I've tried it, though, and I agree that it's the best I've had.