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Bullhead Barbecue Sauce 8.5oz (250g) - 牛头牌 沙茶酱 8.5oz (250g)

Bullhead Barbecue Sauce 8.5oz (250g) - 牛头牌 沙茶酱 8.5oz (250g)

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Bullhead Barbecue Sauce (牛头牌 沙茶酱 8.5oz). is the original barbecue sauce. It is produced under strict quality control. The double enjoyment of fragrance and taste is a perfect mix of unique secret ingredients and various spices. It suits for all kinds of cooking purpose as to dip, fry, stew, mix and roast. You can see real food ingredients such as dried fish and Taiwan mauxia shrimp. No food additives included.

Origin: Taiwan - 台湾
Brand: Bullhead - 牛头牌
Net weight: 8.5oz (250g)
Item number: 4711258002505

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