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Front graphic image of Aling Conching Arrowroot Cookies - Special Uraro 3.17oz

Aling Conching Arrowroot Cookies - Special Uraro 3.17oz

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Uraro (Arrowroot cookies) is a bite-size tapioca cookie that originated in Lucban. It has a unique flavor and a great taste making it an enjoyable snack for kids and adults. It is also recommended for people with digestive problems, celiac disease or wheat intolerance. Made from the finest quality arrowroot these cookies will melt in your mouth.

Origin: Philippines
Brand: Aling Conching
Net weight: 3.17 oz
Item number: 4809012959162

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Delicious specialty cookie

Yummy cookie with a delicate and powdery texture!

Tastes flour, not Milky

To the Owners and manufacturers of Aling Conching's so-called "SPECIAL" Uraro.
I was so excited to finally have uraro when I saw it at Arirang Market (mostly Korean grocery store here in El Paso, TX)
Why place SPECIAL, when it fact it's not.
The term special should be consistent with that is being sold, and in this case it's a deception.
I hope both the production line as well as the bakery manager and most specially the owners of Aling Conching's will have a taste test before putting out to the market.
Improve your product so people's money will not be wasted.
You'll ask me how is the tastes? Bland, not even a taste of sugar, floury taste not even toasted, there are lots of clumped flour, not even a hint of butter in there, and most especially, not even milky as I still remember. FYI, I'm 53, and I still remember the original taste of uraro.
So, there, this is my review, and I know I'm the only one who bothered to let you know about your product, SPECIAL URARO, and I doubt it if you'll even make an effort to improve your product since I'm the only one making this review.