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Hai Di Lao Self-Heating Hot Pot Vegetable Tomato Flavor 14.5oz

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Tean's Gourmet Paste - Rendang (Meat) 7oz

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Tean's Gourmet - Rendang (Meat) Paste is a traditional curry paste that is famous in Malaysia. The pre-cooked concentrated paste is made from fresh ground spices and is convenient and ready-to-cook. Just heat curry paste with oil in a pan, add meat, water, and coconut milk and bring to a quick boil. Finish off with desiccated coconut for extra flavor. Spicy pastes that form the base of your favorite Malaysian dishes are commonly known as “rempah.”

Origin: Malaysia
Brand: Tean's Gourmet
Net weight: 7 oz
Item number: 9555144301595