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Jubes Nata De Coco Strawberry Flavor 12.7oz

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Jubes are a great snack. It is sweet and chewy dessert cubes, perfect for cocktails and other sweet refreshments. The Strawberry flavored Jubes is for those who like it really fruity. This delicious treat is made from coconut juice and they are a great source of fiber.

Origin: Indonesia
Brand: Jubes
Net weight: 12.7 oz
Item number: 838452004082

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Customer Reviews

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Potato of Taste
So refreshing~

I had the pleasure of first enjoying these in a juice drink I mixed up. (fresh cut strawberries, cran-apple juice, table cream, and jubes). It was so delicious. The jubes made the perfect topping. They were not tough to chew at all. The texture was more like jelly, but with a satisfying juicy crunch/chew... They're not too sweet since they're stored in coconut water, too. I hate coconut water, but the flavor really didn't bother me as coconut water usually does. In fact, it was quite refreshing! If you chill them before adding them to your drink or dessert, they are like "ice cubes" and keep it cool. Needless to say, I love them!