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Filipino - Snacks

Filipino Snacks - Chocolates, Candies & Chips

Filipino Snacks Online

Are you looking for Filipino Snacks? Find all your favorite Filipino Snacks, Tsitsirya (Chichirya), Pulutan and Baon. We carry a wide selection of Pinoy snacks everything from Filipino chocolates, Filipino candies, Filipino chips, Filipino crackers, Filipino dried fruits, and Filipino pastries in the Philippines.

We also have polvoron, cheese rings, banana chips, sweet corn, otap, fudgee bar, cornick, chippy, choc nut, choco mallows, milk candies, imported from the Philippines and a lot of great Filipino brands such as KSK, Lucia, Leslies, Regent, Croley Foods, ABC and Jack n' Jill.

It’s ok to admit it – every now and then, we all have a sweet tooth! The shelves of our store are lined with the most delectable selection of Asian/Pinoy snacks everything from Filipino chocolates, Filipino candies, Filipino chips, Filipino crackers, and Filipino pastries.

Filipino Snacks - Chocolates, Candies & Chips Online Delivered to your door USA Wide!

Our online Asian Food & Grocery store delivers across America! - Check out our great range of Filipino Snacks, Chocolates, Candies and Chips!