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Hai Di Lao Self-Heating Hot Pot Vegetable Tomato Flavor 14.5oz

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White King Puto Mix 14.1oz

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Puto is a steamed white cake and is popular in the Philippines. With White King Puto Mix, you can now recreate the perfect puto at home. This easy and delicious mix is the perfect merienda for you and your family!

Origin: Philippines
BrandWhite King
Net weight:  14.1 oz 
Item number: 4800110091556

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Customer Reviews

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tricky little cakes

these were a neat thing to try, as someone who's never had them before! i didn't have the proper little pans, so i just used glass bowls around the same size. which made it a lot harder to find the right amount of batter, and i could only cook one at a time. which made the batter deflate a little over the time while the others were cooking sadly. but they turned out okay regardless, and i'd be glad to try it again! just need a better setup beforehand