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Kam Man Food Walnut Square 10oz (283g) - 金门超市 核桃曲奇 10oz (283g)

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Baked fresh and sourced locally, the bakery at Kam Man Food is famous for its deliciously light and buttery Chinese pastries. Kam Man Food Walnut Squares (金门超市 核桃曲奇) are crisp and buttery cookies mixed with small pieces of walnuts. You'll definitely have a hard time resisting these cookies once you started eating them. It's also a perfect gift to give your family and friends!

Origin: USA
Brand: Kam Man Bakery
Net Weight: 10 oz (283g)
Item Number: 081115000079

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Customer Reviews

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Crunchy and delicious!

I love these walnut squares. A perfect snack to enjoy that isn't too sweet or heavy. I like to have them in the afternoon with my coffee or tea.